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Low pressure affects Nord Stream 2, cause unknown


26 Sept 2022 13:19

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26 Sept 2022 13:19

(Montel) Low pressure is affecting the defunct Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, though the cause was unknown, Germany’s economics ministry said on Monday.

“We were informed today by the grid operator Gascade that there was a severe pressure drop in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” the ministry told Montel.

“We are not yet clear about the causes and the exact circumstances and it is also still being clarified whether the incident occurred in German territorial waters,” it added, with media reports citing the problem could have been caused by a hole.

The 55bcm/year, Russian-owned pipeline was recently completed and filled with gas, though never came into operation as it was blocked by German authorities over Russia’s war in Ukraine.

However, energy companies Deutsche Regas and TotalEnergies recently expressed an interest in utilising it.

Gascade was unavailable to comment when contacted by Montel.

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