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Spanish spot power prices could dive 40% as wind jumps


20 Nov 2023 13:38

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20 Nov 2023 13:38

(Montel) Spanish spot power prices could plummet 40% week on week in the days ahead to below EUR 50/MWh as wind output jumped more than a third, said one trader, though other analysts were more cautious.

Baseload power for Monday and Tuesday settled at EUR 94.11/MWh and EUR 41.05/MWh, respectively, while the weekly contract last closed on Friday at EUR 74.25/MWh on the EEX OTC, compared with last week‘s average of EUR 84.88/MWh.

One Spanish trader said increasing wind power could see prices slide to average below EUR 50/MWh this week, though another pegged them at EUR 74/MWh.

Analyst firms Volue and Montel‘s Energy…

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