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EDF subsidiary oversells 8 GW in error that may cost EUR 60m


12 Sept 2022 08:15

Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay


12 Sept 2022 08:15

(Montel) French power supplier Electricite de Strasbourg oversold almost 8 GW of electricity over a two-day period due to trading errors – a mistake that could cost it EUR 60m, it said.

The firm, a subsidiary of EDF, was investigating the “dysfunction” that led to overselling 2.03 GW and 5.75 GW in the French spot market on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, it added.

The incident only emerged on Sunday. It triggered French TSO RTE to send emergency alerts to neighbouring grid operators, including the UK and Spain, warning them to prepare to export more power amid fears of a supply deficit, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. 

However, extra supplies were ultimately not needed. 

The unusual alert came at a time of unprecedented energy stress in Europe due to the gas supply squeeze caused by rising tensions between the West and Russia over the latter’s war in Ukraine.

RTE was unavailable immediately to comment.

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