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Crucial French EPR report 4 months late – regulator


13 Apr 2022 09:56




13 Apr 2022 09:56

(Montel) France’s ASN does not expect utility EDF to submit its plans to reinforce fuel-rod grids on its under construction Flamanville reactor until June, four months later than planned, the nuclear safety authority said on Wednesday.

The ASN did not expect the report until “towards the end of June", a spokeswoman told Montel, without giving further details. EDF was unavailable for comment.

The state-run firm planned to reinforce the metal grids following the unexpected shutdown of China’s new generation European pressurised reactor (EPR) at Taishan in 2020, due to leaking fuel rods. 

Same spec

The French EPR is being built to the same specifications as Taishan, in which EDF holds a 30% stake.

The ASN has said the start-up of the French EPR was dependent on feedback from the Taishan incident. 

EDF had initially planned to submit its plan to bolster the fuel-rod grids by February, the ASN said in January. 

The firm had already delayed the start-up of Flamanville to the end of next year, though that target was “very optimistic”, nuclear industry critic Yves Marignac told Montel previously. 

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