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Norway gas TSO prepares for possible Russian cyber-attack


25 Feb 2022 08:48




25 Feb 2022 08:48

(Montel) Norwegian gas TSO Gassco has warned of the potential for cyber-attacks following the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it told Montel on Friday.

“Due to the crisis in Ukraine, gas deliveries from Norway are now particularly important for Europe,” said the TSO’s head of communications Randi Viksund.

“We will continue to be a reliable and predictable supplier and the current situation requires us to stay alert for the extraordinary."

"Gassco has over a long period worked thoroughly to prepare for a potential cyber-attack,” said Viksund, adding the company was also in running dialogue with Norway's national security authority over the issue.

Norway is Europe’s second largest gas supplier after Russia, accounting for close to a quarter of the region’s gas imports.

Flows near maximum
Flows through pipelines stood at 343mcm this morning, which is close to full capacity.

Several scientists and analysts had previously warned Norwegian oil and gas installations were at increased risk of cyber-attacks due to Russia’s invasion of its neighbour.

Gas for delivery next month on the Dutch TTF hub last traded at EUR 110/MWh, up 38% since before Russia launched its full-scale invasion on Thursday but significantly below yesterday’s highest trade of EUR 144.29/MWh.

Brent crude for April last traded at USD 101.58/bbl, up 2.5% on the day.

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