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EC approves funding plan for German green hydrogen projects


22 Jun 2021 13:30


22 Jun 2021 13:30

(Montel) The European Commission has approved Germany’s EUR 25.6bn recovery and resilience plan under which the country should receive EUR 1.5bn in EU funding for green hydrogen infrastructure projects, the Brussels-based executive said on Tuesday.

“Within this framework, up to 500 MW of electrolysis capability is expected to be built,” the EC said.

“As regards infrastructure, they are expected to contribute to building German and European hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure,” it said. It was referring to so-called important projects of common European interest, which are scheduled to be built over the next five years.

Germany had asked for EUR 3.3bn from the EU for developing a hydrogen economy, with the other EUR 1.8bn to be spent on decarbonising industries such as steel

“This plan contains essential measures that will support Germany emerging from the Covid-19 crisis stronger,” said the EC president Ursula von der Leyen. “The reforms and investments outlined will contribute to the digitalisation and decarbonisation of the German economy so that it is better prepared for the future.”

The EU’s total recovery and resilience facility amounts to EUR 672.5bn, which the EU has set up to help national economies recover from pandemic lockdowns.

At least 37% of this – EUR 248.8bn – must be spent on supporting EU climate objectives, which include becoming climate neutral by 2050.

“The commission's assessment of Germany's plan finds that it devotes at least 42% of its total allocation to measures that support climate objectives,” said the EU executive.

However, European member states have the final word on providing grants to Germany, with the EU Council having four weeks to decide, said the EC.

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