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Nasdaq supports proposal for independent market operator

(Montel) Moving market coupling operations to an independent unit would provide more healthy competition between spot power exchanges…

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Carbon and coal prices climb amid tight supply

(Montel) European carbon and coal prices traded higher in Tuesday afternoon trading amid continued supply tightness in energy…

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Sweden grid bottlenecks boost price effect of wind – analyst

(Montel) Bottlenecks in the Swedish power grid are amplifying the price effect of new wind farms, especially in…

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UK court dismisses oil, gas funding challenge

(Montel) A UK court on Tuesday dismissed a challenge against the government’s financial support for oil and gas…

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Energy independence key to combat high prices – Le Maire

(Montel) Improving Europe’s energy supply independence is key to combating high prices and inflation, said French economy minister…

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Spain’s 717 MW new wind in 2021 “far below” target – lobby

(Montel) Spanish wind power capacity rose by 717 MW in 2021 but was “far below” a national annual…

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Green hydrogen seen cost competitive in 2 years – study

(Montel) Green hydrogen is set to become cost competitive with existing conventional hydrogen in two years thanks to…

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Spain could raise biomethane output 12-fold by 2024 – lobby

(Montel) Spain’s annual biomethane production could spike 12-fold to an average 2,077 GWh/year by 2024 as it aims…

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Indonesia further eases coal export ban

(Montel) Indonesia has granted export permits to 29 coal miners since last Wednesday when it <a href="/News/Story.aspx?id=1292497&highlightCsv=">partially…

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High power prices threaten metal industry’s future – lobby

(Montel) High power prices have led to “unprecedented” curtailments and temporary closures in the non-ferrous metals sector and…

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German front-month power tumbles EUR 6 with weaker gas

(Montel) German front-month power tumbled EUR 6 on Tuesday along with weaker gas, while the front year rose…

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Green cars in Denmark could consume 3.5 TWh/year by 2030

(Montel) Low or zero emissions vehicles in Denmark could consume 3.5 TWh of renewable energy a year by…

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