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ETS trading volumes surge 50% in 2018 – German agency


08 Mar 2019 06:10

Foto: Funtap,

Foto: Funtap,


08 Mar 2019 06:10

(Montel) The total trading volume of EU emission allowances jumped 50% last year to a record high, the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) said late on Thursday.

The volume of EUAs traded in 2018 – the year the EU finalised a sweeping reform to tighten supply from 2019 – reached 10.8bn compared to 7.2bn in 2017.

The market value also reached a record EUR 160bn compared to just EUR 35bn the preceding year. 

Volumes in the secondary market for emissions allowances rose 58% to 9.8bn.

This was split between 8.7bn in cleared futures, up 61%, 765m in cleared spot contracts, up 98%, and 357m settled bilaterally via Leba brokers, down 25%.

Primary market auctions for EU member states on the EEX exchange raised EUR 2.58bn in revenues for governments, even though they had fewer permits to sell. 

“Despite the lower auction volumes, total revenues in 2018 increased by around 125% year on year. This was the highest annual revenue since the start of the sales/auctioning in 2008,” the DEHSt said in a report. 

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