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Russia coal exports hit multi-year high in August


04 Sept 2018 14:47


04 Sept 2018 14:47

(Montel) Russian coal exports rose 5% year on year in August to a multi-year high of 555,000t/day (17.2m tonnes), amid buoyant Asian demand and improved logistics infrastructure, provisional energy ministry data showed on Tuesday.

The exports, which include all coal types, were up by 1.5% from the previous month, and the highest level since Montel began collating the data in October 2011.

The rise was likely fuelled by increased Asia-Pacific demand for Russian coal, particularly in light of limited Australian availability last month, participants said.

Russia’s largest coal terminal at Vostochny, on the Sea of Japan, exported a record 14.6m tonnes in January-July, around 7% higher on the year, with cargoes shipped to countries such as South Korea, Japan, China and India.

The port has yet to release data for last month’s loadings.

Russia has also taken steps to improve its aging logistics infrastructure between mines and ports in recent years, with state-owned Russian Railways handling 1m tonnes/day of coal last month, up by 9% on the year, according to company data.

The increase in Russian exports came despite disruptions to loadings at the country’s largest European export hub of Ust-Luga, near St Petersburg, which was carrying out maintenance work.

Russia produced 1.17m tonnes of coal last month, up 9% from a year ago and a five-month high.

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