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German renewable output rises 9% to record 117 TWh in H1


17 Aug 2018 11:42


17 Aug 2018 11:42

(Montel) German renewable power generation rose 9% year on year to a record 117 TWh in the first half of 2018, thanks to favourable weather conditions, government agency data showed on Friday.

Wind turbines accounted for most of the production with 57 TWh, followed by biomass with 26 TWh and solar with 24 TWh, according to the German Environment Agency (UBA).

“In total, all forms of renewable generation exceeded their previous year’s values,” the agency said. 

Wind generation saw its strongest month in January with a total of 14.9 TWh, while solar (PV) hit a record production of 6.7 TWh in June.

Production could have been higher, according to UBA, as the newly added onshore wind capacity dropped to 1,633 MW, compared to 2,246 MW installed in the first half of 2017.

Yet new PV installations soared from 863 MW to 1,359 MW over the same period.

Still, the UBA urged more development of onshore wind and solar plants, following a downturn in both sectors in recent years. 

To reach the target of 65% renewable energy in 2030, Germany needs to install additional solar and wind units with a yearly gross capacity of 4,500 MW, according to the agency.

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