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Outage delays to secure power supply for next winter – EDF


12 May 2020 09:34





12 May 2020 09:34

(Montel) Outage delays to planned shutdowns announced by EDF this morning are to enable sufficient supply this coming winter, a spokesman told Montel on Tuesday.

 "We have undertaken further adjustments and optimisation of the outage planning redeclared at the end of April to secure the availability of supply for next winter," he added.

"The two main changes are the postponements after the winter of the partial inspection at Chinon 2 (905 MW) and Gravelines 5 (910 MW) [for refuelling and maintenance work].”

Outages postponed

His comments come in the wake of an announcement earlier that the state-owned utility had postponed outages at 30 out of its 58 French reactors scheduled in 2020-2021 by up to 16 weeks amid the coronavirus crisis.

EDF is juggling its reactor maintenance schedule after having announced it had cut its 2020 nuclear output target to 300 TWh.

The cut follows a 20% fall in power demand in France due to government measures to curb Covid-19. The measures have led to staff shortages at French reactors affecting maintenance work.

The firm has also revised outages due in 2022-23.

Contacted by Montel, France's nuclear safety authority ASN declined to comment.


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