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Rhine coal transport set to grind to a halt – forecasters

(Montel) Coal deliveries along Germany’s Rhine to power plants are likely to grind to a halt as…

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High prices to curb German gas use this winter – Eon

(Montel) Skyrocketing gas prices could curb consumption from private households and industrials this winter, German utility Eon, one…

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EDF sues French state for EUR 8.3bn over power sales

(Montel) French utility EDF is suing the state for EUR 8.3bn after the government forced it to…

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Eon “open to discussion” on nuclear lifetime extension

(Montel) German utility Eon is open to discuss the operational extension of its 1.4 GW nuclear reactor Isar…

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Energy Transition Weekly

Decarbonisation matters. Get the biggest net-zero stories straight from our dedicated news desk.

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Montel Weekly Podcast

Weekly Podcast

Montel Weekly - market insights from people in the know. Montel Weekly is a podcast dedicated to energy news from markets in Europe and beyond. Hosted by Richard Sverrisson. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker and Ben Bower.

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Montel events

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Nordic Energy Day - 25 August

Save the date to join the Nordic power market's biggest event, hosted at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Oslo. As always, we will cover the key drivers and developments in the region, so don't miss out on these highly topical discussions. We will also broadcast live from the conference during one of our afternoon sessions. After the one-day conference the full rigger, Lady Mack sets off into the summer night for an evening of dinner and networking, with the Nordic power market's most important players on board.

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Montel Online is the only service focused entirely on European energy. Since 1997 we’ve been covering Europe’s wholesale markets: power, gas, LNG, emissions, biomass, coal, oil, freight and energy certificates. Our dedicated team of reporters, spread across 10 European newsrooms provides market-moving news data-driven insights and analysis of political developments. We pride ourselves on our accurate, independent and up-to-date English language journalism which is complemented by reporting in local languages. We offer daily, weekly and fortnightly newsletters summarising market developments and trends in local languages.

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